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 Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS):

The heart and soul of IB

jodie CAS woodworking.jpg


Showcase your talents

Suzan CAS Volleyball.jpg


Embrace a healthy lifestyle

ASL Kamryn Springfield Elementary.jpg


Volunteer--Give back

to your community

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) provides a vital IB curriculum requirement which truly speaks to the growth and maturity of students outside the classroom and within the community as a whole. 


IB’s philosophy promotes the education and development of caring, creative individuals who are informed participants in all aspects of the world around them. Students are required to spend time in creative pursuits, in healthy activities, and in service to others in the community.


Every IB student completes and documents an extended service project for the local, national, or international community. The goal of educating the whole person and fostering a more compassionate citizenry becomes real as students reach beyond themselves and their books.

CAS Highlights

Stuff the Bus2 Toy Drive December 2017.j

Showing off receipts for toys purchased

Turkey Bowl for Stuff the Bus fundraiser

Project Presentation & Display at IB Senior Showcase April 2018

RHS Students held multiple fund raisers , including a school wide "Turkey Bowl" for Operation "Stuff the Bus" in December 2017---purchasing over 1000 toys for local children to brighten their holiday season.

Click the link below for a summary of CAS requirements for IB students

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