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The IB Diploma Program Model

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program fulfills the requirements outlined by the state of Florida for a high school diploma; however, it goes far beyond the traditional curriculum. The IB stands strong as a unique educational opportunity, providing our 21st century students with the intellectual rigor and high academic standards necessary for competition at the highest collegiate levels while promoting the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship. The IB Diploma Program’s challenging curriculum educates the whole student, developing the capacity for inquiry, research and problem-solving as well as essential skills for communication and collaboration.

dp-model-en (1).png

The IB Curriculum can best be seen as displayed in the shape of a circle with the six academic areas surrounding the core.  Students choose one subject from each of the six subject groups. Distribution requirements ensure that the science-oriented student is challenged to learn a foreign language, and that the natural linguist becomes familiar with laboratory procedures. While overall balance is maintained, flexibility in choosing higher level studies allows students to pursue areas of personal interest and to meet special requirements for university entrance.

The six groups of study currently offered at Rutherford include:

Group 1:  Language:  English A: Literature HL

(Including the study of selected works in translation from a wide variety of other cultures.)

Group 2:  Language B: Spanish, Latin

Group 3:  Individuals and Society: History HL, Information Technology in a Global Society

Group 4:  Experimental Sciences:  Biology HL, Physics HL

Group 5:  Mathematics:  Mathematics Applications, Mathematics Analysis

Group 6:  The Arts and Electives: Film HL, Psychology SL; Environmental Systems & Societies SL

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